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Welcome to the first Witch Rating Comunity on LiveJournal! (but second to being active after witchrating)

Do you like the comic "W.I.T.C.H." of Disney Italy? Are you curious to know which character are you? Join this community!
In this comunity you will be able also to talk about Witch with others Witch-addicts!

There is just one thing to do: read and follow the rules.


Basilar rules:

1. You must join the community to post entries and comment.
2. Be polite and friendly with everyone. We are here for fun. Flame wars will not be tolerated.
3. This community is opened for both girls and boys.
4. Any question, feel free to ask me!
5. Be clement if there is any grammar mistake here: I am italian and my english is not perfect^^' I am so sorry, my apologies for this!


1. Please post the survey below under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do one,go here.
2. Please try to be as more detailed as possible in your answers. Don't reply just with a "Yes" or "No". More you say about you more we will be able to say you who are you in our opinion.
3. Please use normal grammar. Don't write LiKe ThIs or lyke d1s!1! and not caps.
4. Be yourself. Don't answer to each question how would do your favorite Witch. The goal of this community is to find who are you, so it would be a non-sense, don't it?
5. You may choose if you want to be stamped as one of the main characters (Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia or Hay Lin) or/and one of the other characters (Orube, Elyon, Matt, Nigel, Caleb, Eric, Peter) or it doesn't matter and you may choose also if you want to be stamped as a girl, guy or it doesn't matter (remember that all the main characters are girls).
6. Pictures of yourself are not necessary, but if you want to post them, they are welcome. Please don't post Witch cosplay photos.
7. You will be stamped when you will have at least 5-6 votes in the same character and/or after at least 1 week.
8. Don't take it personally if you don't be stamped as the character you feel like you. Remember: you are asking for our opinion, not for your opinion. Anyway, if you aren't happy with the character you have been stamped as, you may re-apply after at least 3 weeks. Put "RESTAMP" in the title when you post an application to be restamped.
9. To show you read the rules, put "My Kandrakar's Heart" in your entry title or you will not be stamped.

1. Please vote for everyone. Everyone needs your opinion and this community needs it. You haven't to be stamped to vote in other people's applications and when you get your stamp, this doesn't mean you haven't to continue to vote in other people's application.
2. Please BOLD your vote to make more clear and faster everything. Use this tag to bold your vote: <* b *>vote<* b *> without stars and spaces.
3. Please say why you are voting a person as a character. If you are the first person who votes in an application or the first one to say a character you MUST say why you are voting this character or your vote will not be counted. If there are already 2 or more people who voted the same character explaining why and their one is your same opinion, you may vote without saying again why. Everyone needs to know why you see him as a character and to focalize his own characteristics you say.
4. You must vote the person as a character in the category he said (i.e. = If he has choosen to be voted as a main character you can't vote him as Caleb, or if he has choosen to be voted as a girl you can't vote him as a boy) or your vote will not be counted. So pay attention to his answer.
5. Pay attention to each person's answer. Don't vote him as a character just because it is his favorite character or just because he has just the favorite color of a character.
6. If you are going to vote in an application with photos, don't vote based on the photos. This isn't a community about "I look like..." , but based on our personality. If a girl has blonde hair it doesn't mean she is Cornelia, if a girl is from China it doesn't mean she is Hay Lin. Appareance is the last thing you have to look to. You have to see the personality, the spirit of the person.

1. Please continue to vote for everyone. If you get your stamp it doesn't mean you haven't to continue to vote.
2. Don't take it personally if you don't be stamped as the character you feel like you. Remember: you are asking for our opinion,not for your opinion. Anyway,if you aren't happy with the character you have been stamped as,you may re-apply after at least 2 months.
3. Feel free to use your stamp picture, you may to insert it in your journal, user-info and/or sites, but you MUST upload it in your own server and link it back to this comunity.

1. Spam is not allowed. You may advertsising ONLY rating communities and Witch sites/communities. But don't join here just to advertsising your sites/communities (i.e. you post several entries in few days/weeks just to advertsising and don't post your application, vote for other people and talk in the discussions. This is not allowed).

1. Remember: This is a rating community and not a discussion community but this kind of entries in a reasonable number are more than welcome.

And remember the first rule: Have Fun!:)


Available characters:

Main characters:

Will Vandom
Irma Lair
Taranee Cook
Cornelia Hale
Hay Lin Lin

Other characters:

STAMPS (Work in progress)


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